The Hapa'o team is composed of:

  • Vanessa Pena (University of Chile)
  • Alexandre Bergel (Pleaid lab, University of Chile - http://bergel.eu)

A mailing list is available as a google group: http://groups.google.com/group/hapao

If you have encountered a bug or an issue you want to discuss about, please add an item in the issue tracker: http://code.google.com/p/moose-technology/issues/list

What's new

  • Pharocast on Hapao
    24 April 201112:22:34 am by admin
    "Vanessa and Alexandre show us Hapao, an innovative test coverage tool implemented in the Pharo Smalltalk programming language. You will see how they analyse the ProfStef interactive tutorial, increas...
  • Mondrian
    25 March 20119:52:01 pm by admin
    The code coverage of Mondrian has been significantly increased over the past two weeks. 78.84% of the methods are executed by the unit tests.
  • MetacelloBrowser
    19 January 201112:11:10 pm by admin
    MetacelloBrowser is a tool to manage configurations in Pharo. At the beginning, MetacelloBrowser did not have any tests. Thanks to Hapa'o, it has now a coverage of 75%. Code is available on www.squeak...