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This website is not maintained anymore. Please go to http://objectprofile.com/pier/Products/Hapao.

Test coverage is about assessing the relevance of unit tests against the tested application. It is widely acknowledged that a software with a “good” test coverage is more robust against unanticipated execution, thus lowering the maintenance cost. However, insuring a coverage of a good quality is challenging, especially since most of the available test coverage tools do not discriminate software components that require a “strong” coverage from the components that require less attention from the unit tests.

Hapao is an innovative test coverage tool, implemented in the Pharo Smalltalk programming language. It employs an effective and intuitive graphical representation to visually assess the quality of the coverage. A combination of appropriate metrics and relations visually shapes methods and classes, which indicates to the programmer whether more effort on testing is required.

The word Hapa'o (also written Hapao) belongs to the Rapanui language, still spoken in Easter Island.

Hapa’o: to take care, keep (someone or something) safe and provided for

Have fun! The Hapao Team



What's new

  • Pharocast on Hapao
    24 April 201112:22:34 am by admin
    "Vanessa and Alexandre show us Hapao, an innovative test coverage tool implemented in the Pharo Smalltalk programming language. You will see how they analyse the ProfStef interactive tutorial, increas...
  • Mondrian
    25 March 20119:52:01 pm by admin
    The code coverage of Mondrian has been significantly increased over the past two weeks. 78.84% of the methods are executed by the unit tests.
  • MetacelloBrowser
    19 January 201112:11:10 pm by admin
    MetacelloBrowser is a tool to manage configurations in Pharo. At the beginning, MetacelloBrowser did not have any tests. Thanks to Hapa'o, it has now a coverage of 75%. Code is available on www.squeak...